Pearl Fabric Hood Care Kit

Price: £15.64 (ex VAT)
Available in 2 x 500 ml (Trigger Spray) only

Pearl Fabric Hood Cleaner is a unique and revolutionary formula that totally cleans, freshens and revitalises your convertible soft top, effortlessly producing that pristine showroom finish. The appearance and fulfilment of owning a sporty cabriolet is an enjoyment to behold which can only be spoilt by allowing the hood to become grimy and water absorbent. Pearl Fabric Hood Cleaner has been developed to provide the ultimate user friendly application to impart the ultimate professional finish, cleaning and treating, whilst preserving your cabriolet. In collaboration with natural, synthetic and leather experts we have developed a single application formula which cleans, refreshes, treats and revitalises new and old convertable fabric hoods. Superior formula is ideal for removing moss, ingrained dirt and adverse weathering such as sun bleaching and sea salt from boat canopies bringing back to new.

Directions for use: Simply spray on hood and wipe with cloth to remove light soiling. Heavier soiling may require agitation with a soft scrubbing brush.

Pearl Fabric Hood Protector provides weatherproof protection against natural and manufactured substances. Protects and cares for fabric upholstery providing an invisible protective coating to soft top hoods and canopies. The fabric is freshened and completely protected. Ideal for all car soft tops, fabric hoods, convertibles and boat canopies.

Directions for use: Spray a light even coating of protector onto a dry fabric surface to avoid dilution, ensuring that the whole surface is covered. Allow to dry thoroughly.