Pearl Shine Nano Valet Kit

Price: £8.50 (ex VAT)
Available in 1 x 500 ml, 1 x Sponge, 1 x Synthetic Chamois, 1 x Microfibre Cloth only

Pearl Shine Nano Car Shampoo has been uniquely blended with special mild cleaning detergents and polishing surfactants, that gently and effortlessly remove ingrained dirt and grime to leave the ultimate deep lasting shine. By working closely with the UKs leading valeting companies and car dealerships, this superior low foam shampoo has been formulated, with each sud cleaning and caressing all body paintwork, glass, plastic trims, chromes and alloys. Pearl's ingenious clean and shine shampoo formula saves water, time and effort, by imparting a first class shine whilst reducing those unecessary excessive foam suds which require rinsing from the vehicle, dealership forecourts and driveways. Used regularly Pearl Shine eliminates the need for regular polishing. Excellent value Pearl Shine Nano Valet Kit comes complete with Pearl Pro-Microfibre Cloth, Synthetic Chamois and Sponge.

Directions for use: Simply rinse away any loose road film from your vehicle, add a small amount of Pearl Shine shampoo to cover the base of your bucket, top up with water and wash the whole exterior of your vehicle. Rinse off thoroughly with clean water and polish with synthetic chamois. Remove any water marks with a quality microfibre cloth to leave a showroom shine. Pearl Shine is also ideal for using through a pressure washer.