Pearl Pristine

Price: £9.99 (ex VAT)
Available in 500ml only

Pearl Pristine is an advanced silicone-free formulation that completely revitalises the overall appearance of tired and weathered looking plastic trims, which have become degraded and porous over time. Easy to use dressing that rapidly re-conditions and enhances, immediately restoring faded exterior plastic trim back to a showroom finish. Treated trims remain in pristine condition even under wet road conditions with outstanding endurance capabilities. Unrivalled finish achieved on bumpers, side mouldings, mirror casings, spoilers and does not streak on outside forecourt display when raining or even after repeated washing. Pristine is so much more than the conventional back to black, treating and nourishing external trims back 'as new' look.

Directions: To ensure Pristine fully adheres and cures to plastic, thoroughly pre-clean target surface area prior to treatment. Apply sparingly using applicator sponge or lint free cloth (a little goes a long way), evenly coating the exterior surface. Allow to dry without buffing. After one hour the dressing will not be marked by rain and continues to cure for up to 24 hours. (Pristine is not suitable for use on interior plastic).