Pearl Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Price from: £6.38 (ex VAT)

Pearl Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is an ulta quick reacting concetrated formula suitable for cleaning carpets, fabrics, hard plastics and painted surfaces, by effortlessly removing light to heavy ingrained stains and odours caused by oil, beverages, various foods, blood, chocolate, grease and traffic soiling. Powerful economic formula for fast, effective stain removal, leaving treated surfaces like new and revitalising stale interiors.

Directions for use: Advanced formulation suitable for hand or machine use. Simply dilute to required strength and apply with trigger, sponge or low pressure spray to the syrface to be cleaned, wipe area throughly and rinse with clean water. For ingrained heavy soiling agitate with a soft brush. Can be diluted for economic usage - Heavy Duty soiling i.e. grease dilute upto 3 parts water, Medium Duty i.e. upholstery dilute up to 10 parts water and Light Duty i.e. paintwork dilute up to 150 parts water. (Do not allow to dry out on upholstery or paintwork)