Pearl Leather Cream

Price: £17.50 (ex VAT)
Available in 1L only

Pearl Leather Cream has exceptional properties which nourish, protect and enhance the overall look and feel of leather, as well as feeding it to maintain its suppleness and stain resistance. A unique blend of natural oils formulated and developed exclusively by Pearl to replenish the natural oils in the leather. Using only the finest blends of materials available, we have designed a natural feeding and protecting cream which will prolong the life of aniline and semi aniline leather. Superior leather care product ideal for car leather upholstery, trim, protective leather clothing and household furniture.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. Apply sparingly to pre-cleaned leather surface with a soft dry cotton cloth until cream is dispersed and allow to dry naturally. Test for suppleness 2-3 days after use when a further application can be made. (Not suitable for nubuck or suede and always test first on an inconspicuous area to ensure that the leather surface is colour fast and water resistant). Soiled leather should always be pre-cleaned using Pearl Leather Cleaner.

A full aniline dye is a professional process treatment which is used to achieve a desired, natural looking leather. Semi-aniline utilizes the same aniline, together with other specialised chemicals to obtain a different aesthetical finsh. A brief analogy would be to describe the difference between aniline and semi-aniline as like the the difference between semi-gloss and satin paint finish. Neither finish is superior to that of the offer or gives a higher quality, the difference is in the chemicals used to achieve these different finishes and are for the consumers preference.