Pearl Leather Protector

Price from: £9.99 (ex VAT)

Pearl Leather Protector provides outstanding leather protection, weatherproofing against the natural elements and protecting against manufactured substances such as food greases and beverages. Protects and cares for all leather upholstery and trim with valuable oils that protect the natural properties of the leather from stains. The leather is freshened and the typical smell of leather is retained. Ideal for all leather seats, trims and protective leather wear (Aniline or Semi Aniline Leather).

Directions for use: Ensure leather surface to be protected is clean and dry prior to treatment. Apply a light even coating directly on to the leather with a soft dry cotton cloth or sponge using a gentle circular motion. Allow 10 - 15 minutes to dry naturally. Do not buff the surface. (Not suitable for suede or alcantara). 

A full aniline dye is a professional process treatment which is used to achieve a desired, natural looking leather. Semi-aniline utilizes the same aniline, together with other specialised chemicals to obtain a different aesthetical finsh. A brief analogy would be to describe the difference between aniline and semi-aniline as like the the difference between semi-gloss and satin paint finish. Neither finish is superior to that of the other or gives a higher quality, the difference is in the chemicals used to achieve these different finishes and are for the consumers preference.