Pearl Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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New highly concentrated Pearl Multi-Purpose Cleaner formula is a completely versatile non-caustic, water soluble multi-purpose detergent. This superior cleaning product is unrivalled in the market place as its unique versatility can be used as a powerful degreaser to a gentle cleaner, from car interiors and exteriors to heavy haulage, homes to industrial kitchens, offices to factories, forecourts to clinical environments, caravans to boats.

Pearl Multi-Purpose Cleaner is quite simply outstanding on all surfaces, effortlessly removing oil, grease, petroleum based stains from soft and hard surfaces including car engine components, paintwork, walls and floors and is safe and easy to use. Uniquely versatile simply apply a higher concentrate to effortlessly clean oily engine bay compartments and dilute accordingly to suit the cleaning requirements for other dirty surfaces including carpet and upholstery. This first class multi-functional cleaning product effortlessly removes engine oil from all patio and driveway surfaces to bring surface back to the just laid look.

Pearl Multi-Purpose Cleaner is the ultimate highly concentrated formula and has the dilution flexibility to degrease engines, clean carpets, vinyl and clean windows:

Light duty use: Dilute with up to 200 parts water 1:200.
General duty use: Hot 1:80; Cold 1:40.
Heavy duty use: Hot 1:25; Cold 1:12.

Directions for use: Apply with spray, mop or sponge and allow a few minutes contact time. Agitate with a soft brush  if necessary then rinse thoroughly with clean water.