Pearl Auto Fresh Concentrate

Price: £14.50 (ex VAT)
Available in 1L only

** Super New Concentrated Formula **

Pearl Auto Fresh is a highly concentrated environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and non allergenic formulation that combines the very latest powerful odour absorbing technology which not only pleasantly masks unpleasant odours, but also completely absorbs and neutralizes the malodour. This super concentrated, safe economic formula is the fast, effective solution to vehicle freshness, effortlessly removing problem smells of tobacco, pets, food etc. Pearl Auto Fresh totally reconditions and refreshes the whole vehicle interior maximising driver and passenger pleasure whilst enhancing the overall driving experience.

Economic, easy to dilute and user friendly product that is ideal for all forms of transportation, caravans and around the home.

Directions for use: Simply dilute with 24 parts water (1L Concentrate makes 25L ready to use) and apply using trigger spray to lightly mist spray onto vehicles fabrics, carpets, headlining, boot compartment and into vent apertures. Any soiled surfaces should be pre-cleaned before application. Aerial fogger machine dilute with 100 parts water and for wet vac use simply add small quantity into detergent feed reservoir.