Pearl Odour Destroyer

Price: £8.65 (ex VAT)
Available in 1L (Trigger Spray) only


Pearl Odour Destroyer is unlike traditional air fresheners which only mask odours, this advanced biological formula not only destroys bacteria, but also eliminates a wide variety of bad odours and musky smells to leave a fresh clean fragrance behind. This ready to use, odour penetrating formula works best in warm, damp conditions and eliminates extreme odours such as vomit, animal smells, sour milk, and tobacco odours. The professional solution to completely refresh the confined spaces found within all forms of transportation including cars, trucks, boats, planes, caravans and ideal to use around the home.

Direction for use: Prior to application lightly sponge or spray area to be treated with warm water and then immediately spray odour destroyer on affected areas. Allow 4-6 hours for biocidal action to be completed and repeat application in severe instances if odors are still persistent.