Pearl Nano Aqua Polish

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Pearl Nano Aqua Polish is a unique highly concentrated formula with the latest Nano technology giving outstanding quick drying action designed for fast application vehicle polishing. Pearl Nano Aqua Polish brings speed and quality to the market place with the latest breakthrough in valeting technology. Enabling the whole vehicle exterior to be effectively polished even when its raining outside and in a fraction of the time conventional polishes take. This extremely versatile liquid application polish is equally outstanding on painted, chrome, plastic and glass surfaces imparting a high gloss showroom finish. Free from streaking or spotting, Nano Aqua Polish significantly enhances rain repellence, ensuring speed of vehicle turn around, ideal for private and commercial use.

Directions for use:  Firstly wash exterior with vehicle shampoo. For hand polishing dilute with 50 parts hot or cold water. Cover whole vehicle exterior in Nano Aqua Polish solution using low pressure sprayer or sponge. Through machine application typically set the pump feed to 5-10%. Rinse thoroughly with clean or recycled water. Dry off excess from surfaces with a clean dampened microfibre cloth to leave deep gloss finish.