Pearl Leather Cleaner

Price from: £8.50 (ex VAT)

Pearl Leather Cleaner has been exclusively developed with high performance, specially formulated blend of detergents that do not alter the original properties of the leather or its finish. Fully endorsed by leading valeting companies and car club enthusiasts who throughout the UK,use our Leather Care to professionally clean thousands of classic cars, vintage cars and elite vehicles on a daily basis. Extensively used in the world of aviation, Peal Leather Cleaner is uniquely blended and formulated, to tenderly care for and gently clean all leather surfaces, leaving the leather supple and resistant to surface cracking. An absolute must for motorcycle enthusiasts to maintain protective leather wear ensuring it retains its safety qualities. A first class performer for all manner of leather types; including upholstery, handbags, saddles, harnesses and boots. (Except nubuck and suede)

Directions for use: Simply apply either directly to the Aniline or Semi Aniline surface to be cleaned or onto a dry clean cloth. Then using a gentle circular motion with a cloth, clean the leather and allow to dry thoroughly. On ingrained heavy soiling agitate gently with a soft brush.

A full aniline dye is a professional process treatment which is used to achieve a desired, natural looking leather. Semi-aniline utilizes the same aniline, together with other specialised chemicals to obtain a different aesthetical finsh. A brief analogy would be to describe the difference between aniline and semi-aniline as like the the difference between semi-gloss and satin paint finish. Neither finish is superior to of the offer or gives a higher quality, the difference is in the chemicals used to achieve these different finishes and are for the consumers preference.