Pearl® Advanced Ultra Nano Waterless System Kit

Price: £28.00 (ex VAT)
Available in 3 x 750ml (Trigger), 2 x Pearl® Pro Microfibre Cloths only


Pearl® Advanced Ultra Nano Waterless System Kit comes complete with 750ml Advanced Ultra Nano, 750ml Universal Cleaner, 750ml Eco Tyre Shine plus 2 Pearl Pro Microfibre Cloths.

Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Advanced Ultra Nano is a totally ground breaking Eco Friendly, Environmentally Friendly and User Friendly waterless car wash system that can be used to clean, wax, polish and Nano protect any part of the car, motorcycle, boat, caravan and aircraft exterior surface. Pearl Advanced Ultra Waterless Wash and Wax Car Valeting formula completely gives you the waterless freedom to clean, polish anmd Nano protect your full car exterior anywhere and everywhere the waterless green way by fully negating the use of water, without compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish. Whilst caring for our environment. Waterless Advanced contains many different ingredients including high-grade carnauba wax the world's hardest natural protective wax, special wetting agents, lubricants, unique water-based polymers and UV Screen protectants bringing a truly breathtaking formula to the car cleaning, polishing, detailing and valeting world.Totally free from petroleum, petrochemical derived fragrances, petroleum based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents and non aerosol. Advanced Ultra cleans, polishes and Nano protects your vehicle and helps you protect the environment. Effortless showroom shine is instantly created on exterior surfaces including paintwork, glass, mirrors, chrome, rubber, plastics, hard vinyl, alloys, wheels, trim and wiper blades preventing judder and drag. Eco friendly Advanced Ultra does so much more than just clean and shine your vehicle it brings out the natural brilliant colour pigments in your paintwork and gives Nano protection from both natural and manufactured harmful elements, delivers a premilum mirror gloss showroom finis, UV protection, repels water and dirt build-up. Also amazing results achieved on Interior plastics, wood, mirrors and door trim. SAVE WATER, SAVE TIME AND CREATE SHOWROOM SHINE!

Amazing new 750ml Trigger head spray features include Pre-compression engine - drip free, no leakage and always primed. All plastic polyolefin sprayer - 100% recyclable, no metal used. Certified child safe for USA and Europe.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. Quick and easy to apply simply spray initially onto a clean folded microfibre cloth to moisten. Then spray evenly on to the area to be cleaned, gently wipe off from target area and then quickly buff the same area with a second folded microfibre cloth to a beautiful shine. Continue process until you have effortlessly cleaned and polished the entire vehicle. Used in conjunction with Pearl Universal enables you to clean the whole exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Do not use on: Porous surfaces such as cabriolet soft tops, carpets and fabrics, excessive baked on brake dust and foot pedals - use Universal Cleaner (Do not use on heavy caked on mud).

Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Universal Cleaner is part of the Eco Friendly, Environmentally Friendly, User Friendly Green waterless range of products, used in conjunction with the Advanced, Professional and Body Shop Shine waterless products to aid in cleaning stubborn dirt such as ingrained insects, bird lime, mud, grease, tar and brake dust. A truly remarkable non-silicone versatile performer with all round multi-functional capabilities giving superior performance and finish on soft fabric such as convertible fabric hoods, effortlessly and efficiently removing moss, tree sap, bugs, bird lime and grime, interior dash, trim, leather, carpets, fabric, vinyl, plastics and wood. Universal Cleaner effortlessly washes and cleans any part of the car, motorcycle, boat, caravan and aircraft exterior surface both internally and externally and is completely unique as it gives you the flexibility and Waterless freedom to wash, clean and protect your vehicle absolutely anywhere and everywhere as you do not need any water.

Directions for use: Spray onto folded microfibre cloth and area to be cleaned, leave for a few seconds then wipe over target area with pre-moistened cloth and then wipe with a second clean dry cloth. For heavier soilage on fabrics spray on target area and agitate with a soft brush and wipe with microfibre cloth. On exterior surfaces do not attempt to clean caked on dirt, mud, sand or any other abrasive subsance. Ensure once exterior painwork surface has been cleaned that shine is put back into your paintwork with Pearl Advanced or Pearl Professional. Totally free from petroleum, petrochemical derived fragrances, petroleum based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents and non aerosol. Eco Universal cleans your vehicle inside and out and helps you to protect the environment.

Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Eco Tyre Shine is part of our Eco Friendly, Environmentally Friendly and User Friendly range providing a water based superior showroom tyre shine finish to tyre walls by cleaning, refreshing and  treating. Totally revitalises the lustre and the appearance of the tyre and seals against traffic film, moisture and dust. Eco Tyre Shine is an outstanding all round dressing product that cleans, shines and protects external and internal rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces.

Directions for use: For ultimate results apply directly to clean, dry surface by spraying evenly over target area or alternatively apply with a cloth or sponge before allowing to dry. Wipe any overspray from rims and paintwork with clean lint free cloth. Avoid contact with driving controls, foot pedals, steering wheel and floor coverings. Once applied allow this non greasy superior product to dry naturally. Totally free from petroleum, petrochemical derived fragrances, petroleum based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents and non aerosol. Eco Tyre Shine is an extremely versatile product which helps you create the showroom finish whilst helping you protect the environment.