Our vision is crystal clear ...

Pearl® Global, Car Care Products and Pearl Waterless International® has gained its UK, European and Global reputation for manufacturing and supplying first class cleaning products, valeting products and environmentally friendly waterless green eco car wash and car care products to the motor industry through outstanding performance, specialising in quality, ensuring durability, understanding and fully meeting the requirements of all users and establishing excellent worldwide links through export and logistical expertise.

With over 40 years of manufacturing and distribution experience and expertise, we have been supplying our valeting and cleaning products to prestigious customers globally, through our unrelenting strides for perfection, which have been truly embraced and valued by everyone who uses our superior products. Through our unique attention to detail and commitment to quality, this has enabled us to achieve significant advancement in technology and firmly establish our reputation for unrivalled excellence within the automotive industry.

This recognition for quality and product confidence has been enhanced with the relationship we share with all our UK and export customers. Our comprehensive range of outstanding cleaning products are extensively used by leading prestigious dealerships and professional valeting companies. Our reputation as the market leaders is confirmed by the numerous UK and International Export distributors who not only enjoy using our products but also chose to supply Pearl Car Care products through their own aftersale, wholesale, trade and retail outlets.

Pearl acknowledges that for many people purchasing a vehicle is a large investment and one that should be cared for and protected through freedom of product choice. Pearl Car Care Products and Pearl Waterless International® manufacture and supply superior car wash, cleaning, polishing, protecting and valeting products, fully understanding that caring for your vehicle is of paramount importance, with pride, professionalism and for certain people and organisations like Pearl it’s a passion.

Why?  Because dependability is our natural trait! 

From new cars to used cars, motorcycles to vans, caravans to commercial veicles and prestigious cars to classic cars, Pearl Car Care Products and Pearl Waterless International®  Dri-Car Wash and detailing products work effortlessly, efficiently and cost effectively to protect your investment whilst caring for the environment.

How? Through our total commitment to technoligical advancement, strongly belief in our products and by using only the finest materials, enables us to not only meet, but exceed all the stringent tests, expectations and requirements of the market place with great confidence. Not only do we save our clients time, effort and money we also save water with our revolutionary Waterless Green, Environmentally and User Friendly Eco Car Wash Products, without compromising on your Quality. Pearl give you the absolute freedom to Waterless wash, clean, polish and protect your vehicle whenever and wherever you wish, helping to conserve precious natural energy and water resources, and in doing so dramatically reducing your carbon footprints.

Pearl Car Care have revolutionised the motor cleaning industry creating winning products that aid the enthusiasts and professionals in speeding up the whole process of vehicle cleaning without compromising on your quality.

Pearl Waterless Car Wash Advanced Ultra Nano has been uniquely formulated to wash, clean, polish and Nano wax protect your vehicle without using a single drop of water, giving you the ultimate waterless freedom to effortlessly create that showroom shine finish anywhere and everywhere whilst caring for our environment. Waterless Car Wash & Wax incorporating Carnauba, the world's hardest natural wax for an unrivalled fast action application, imparting an unrivalled 'head turning' superior finish to all vehicle exteriors. Pearl Pro-Shine provides that ultimate showroom finish to paintwork, glass and chrome by effortlessly sealing in that long lasting shine from your very first application - no hassle, no mess, no smears and totally non-hazardous - creating maximum showroom shine in minimum time.

...innovation in chemical technology.