Pearl Supersheen Trim

Price from: £7.25 (ex VAT)

Pearl Supersheen Trim is a high performance solvent free interior and exterior conditioner specially formulated to enhance dashboards, plastics, vinyl, rubber seals, motorcycle seats, leather and engine compartments. This super versatile dressing is the choice of the professionals as it can be used neat for a high gloss shine or diluted to control the gloss level of a new vehicle finish and seals against moisture, dust and road traffic film, leaving a fresh clean surface. Formulated to enhance the fresh showroom appearance of the treated surface to your required specification, unlike general cockpit shines and similar products, which leave the synthetic shine of a poorly treated one.

Directions for use: Use neat for a high gloss shine or dilute with up to 5 parts water to control and reduce gloss level. On door shuts and plastics dilute with 5 parts water for natural as new finish and on highly absorbent plastics and engine compartment area use neat for outstanding results. Simply clean soiled surface first and then simply spray a light mist directly onto surface to be treated or onto a clean dry micrfibre-cloth, wipe over target surface using cloth and allow to dry naturally. (Not suitable for body shop environment)