Pearl Fabric Hood Protector

Price from: £10.00 (ex VAT)

Pearl Fabric Hood Protector provides a long lasting supreme re-weatherproofing sealant protection against natural and manufactured substances. Protects and cares for original cabriolet fabric upholstery surface against harmful substances, such as bird lime staining, tree sap problems and oxidisation, by providing a unique transparent protective coating to convertible cabriolet hood, soft top upholstery and canopies. The fabric is freshened and completely weather protected providing all year round safeguard against natural and manufactured substances. Ideal for all car soft tops, fabric hoods, convertibles and boat canopies.

Directions for use: Prior to treatment ensure surface is clean and thoroughly dry to avoid product dilution. Miist spray 2 light light even coatings of protector in a crosswire manner onto fabric surface, ensuring that the whole surface is evenly covered. Do not saturate and allow to completely dry for maximum protection.