Pearl Alloy Wheel Cleaner Non-Acidic

Price from: £6.25 (ex VAT)

Pearl Alloy Wheel Cleaner is an advanced Non-Acid alloy wheel cleaning formula which rapidly removes brake dust, corrosion and traffic film from the most intricate and elaborate wheel designs leaving them ultra clean and shiny. Totally user friendly this revolutionary non-acid  formula is more powerful than all its acid free alloy wheel cleaning competitors, but gentle enough for use on damage prone chrome and painted finished. Created for a world leading prestigious automotive brand, Pearl non-acid alloy wheel cleaner is the chosen formula of the professionals and extensively used throughout the UK and Europe on their commercial, retail and franchised dealership sites. Completely eliminates any damage to concrete, brickwork or tarmac that conventional alloy wheel cleaners can cause making it a leading valeting product for private and commercial use.

Directions for use: Spray or sponge onto wheel, leave for 5 minutes to penetrate and wash off thoroughly with clean water. May require agitation for sterner ingrained substances.